Wycliffe Mije

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Wycliffe A. Mije is one of Africa’s most powerful motivational teachers. As president and founder of International Leadership coaching program In Kenya and founder of Wealth Academy.

He is an author, a sales achiever, business owner and a leadership and personal development coach.

Wycliffe Mije teaches corporate and business groups worldwide. He has featured on TV and radio and he speaks from experience-inspired challenges, near failures, thrilling victories, and astonishing sales success.

He specializes in teaching on success in business and finances, His valuable materials have been shared with thousands of businesses, corporations, seminar groups and television audiences. Countless business and leaders have been transformed and turned around by applying the principles that he dramatically shares.

Wycliffe has s degree in leadership and business management, diploma in marketing, demography, medical missionary studies and Bible studies. Wycliffe resides in Nairobi Kenya and travels across the world in speaking engagements.

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Sharing is Caring!

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