Wanisayi C Chigwendere

Sharing is Caring!

Wanisayi C Chigwendere is a London born Zimbabwean woman and a soldier in the army of the Most High God. For the past thirteen years she has been on a journey and have finally arrived at a place where she can define herself and assist others to define themselves.

Wanisayi C Chigwendere is a woman who has been affected by those painful experiences by which society has previously defined people, separating them from society and warning them gravely to hold their peace or risk making a spectacle of themselves-experiences such as abandonment, rape and abortion which have often translated as red flags heralding waywardness and the sort of forwardness that met with slapped legs when we were but 9 year old girls.

Now at age 37 I believe society has forfeited the right to forge a woman’s identity. I aspire to speak because I believe my experiences also as much as they occurred to me do not define me they are simple forerunners or curtain raisers to introduce how I came to be me.

I aspire to speak to women of all ages because sometimes, that’s all it takes is a word of experience to put things into perspective and to remind us that there is another way of doing things. In the last few years I have been speaking to women informally especially in crises situations to remind them that they are entirely equipped to face, manage and overcome whatever situation they are in, whether they have been abandoned or abused by a spouse or sexually violated by a stranger my message remains the same-that they are worth more than all the L’Oreal in the world, not because they are a woman but because they are made in the image of God and whether or not they believe in Him, He believed enough in them to die for them and give them a life that is not necessarily free from hardship but certainly to give them a life where they hardship is not their taskmaster.

I have no training but have led prayers and done public speaking from high school level upwards and do not fear crowds. I would also welcome the opportunity to speak to young people particularly on life skills and sexual purity.

Sharing is Caring!

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