Udeme Jacob

Sharing is Caring!

Udeme Jacob was born some thirty years ago in Lagos to Mr and Mrs J Samuel, natives of Akwa Ibom State South South of Nigeria.

He is a  motivational speaker and a talented creative writer.  He’s also an educationist and an entrepreneur, being a volunteer of different organizations. His interest is to work where he can contribute to change lives and raise world changers.

Udeme is a prolific writer who has contributed articles to educational journal for the purpose of contributing to knowledge and information.

“I am a natural and talking to people is a way of life to me. Discrimination, tribalism or sectionalism in any form is not welcome around me. A true Nigeria that believe in the the project called Nigeria.” he says of himself.

Udeme loves and enjoys teaching youths especially those with special educational needs so as to bring out the best in them.

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Sharing is Caring!

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