Terms of Service

Terms of Service | Motivational Speakers Africa

On this page are some of the terms and conditions that govern the use of our website, our services and our resources at Motivational Speakers Africa (MSA). We have written them in the simplest of language for clarity and ease of understanding.

Speaker Registration Terms and Conditions

By registering as a speaker on our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • That we can use your contact details to get in touch with you in case we have a prospective client who needs your services
  • That we can request and/or submit your speaker profile to a potential client for consideration for an upcoming event.
  • That we are not obligated to secure for you any speaking engagement, and that your credentials are what earn you such engagements.
  • That we are not responsible for your getting you more speaking engagements but will help get you more exposure to your services, with the end result being solely dependent on the potential clients who visit our website and read your profile.
  • That we may negotiate with you a percentage cut of your speaking charges for any events that we facilitate, or whose source is our website. This percentage ranges from 15% up to 40%.
  • That in the case where a client who reads your profile on our website but insists they want to negotiate the terms of a prospective speaking engagement with you directly without our input, and a such need us to provide them with your direct contacts, we will demand a fixed fee of $40 from you, the speaker in question, for the facilitation of the connection with the client through our website/database/network. This fee will be payable prior to us giving you the contacts of the potential client.
  • That you will confirm availability on time before a speaking engagement where a client requires your services.
  • That you will deliver to the best of your abilities whenever we connect you to a client. Any complains we receive from a client about your speaking services will be discussed with you and we may negotiate a partial refund to the client after weighing the case in question.
  • That you will be truthful and responsible in your service delivery and when submitting your speaker details to us. We are always happy when you invite us to your own events as observers to gauge your deliver and to get to know you better so that we can be sure of you when referring clients to you.

MSA Clients Terms and Conditions

Definition: An MSA client is anyone who gets in touch with Motivational Speakers Africa via email, phone, contact form on our website, or any other way, requesting that we advise them, assist them, facilitate them or help them get in touch with a speaker listed on our website, or to request that we may help them organize an event or send a speaker to their event.

By requesting any of our services as a client, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. That you will provide us with the relevant details to help us advise you accordingly on the best speaker to engage in your kind of event.
  2. That MSA is only a middle man. You will not hold us responsible for poor delivery by a speaker. However, you are welcome to report such sub-standard delivery so that we can investigate and act accordingly. If the case demands, we may also negotiate, on your behalf, a partial refund from the speaker.
  3. That you will pay a non-refundable fee of $65 when you engage our services to facilitate your event by sorting through and negotiating with your choice speaker for your event. This fee is used for phone calls and internet connection payments to help us serve you better.
  4. That you will be honest, accountable and responsible within the whole process of negotiations, and especially when we give you the speaker’s profile, and that you will not try to go around the negotiation process to try and get in touch with the speaker directly to cheat the process.

Advertising on Our Website

MSA accepts adverts from clients who have products that fit with our audience. We reserve the right to accept or deny acceptance of any advert for publication on our website. We may or may not offer a reason/explanation for such refusal of ad acceptance.

We accept specific ads sizes and formats which will be communicated in an email/phone with the respective clients/prospects. These formats may be changed/altered in the future with adequate notifications to the affected parties. As time goes, our website design may be changed/altered necessitating the need for such alignments. We demand the understanding of affected parties as this will be for the common good.

Our advertising rates may change from time to time. This is at the sole discretion of MSA to adjust such rates at any time to match prevailing conditions.

General Terms

Currently, registration as a speaker on our website is free. However, we reserve the right to change this to a paid model in the future. We also reserve the right to publish your profile on our website and/or to delete the same from our database altogether. This is at our sole discretion and we reserve the right to decide whether to explain the reasons to such action to you or not. You have no right to demand any answers from us for such action.

We reserve the right to alter or change these terms of service at any time, with relevant notifications being sent out to the relevant and affected parties. We uphold and protect the privacy of all our subscribers, clients and registered speakers and follow the guidelines stipulated on the privacy policy to ensure that this remains so.

Above all, our clients and subscribers are king. We appreciate them and hold them in high esteem. We therefore demand all the registered speakers on our website to uphold dignity, accountability, responsibility and reason to ensure top notch delivery of speaking services across Africa which is the guiding pillar of Motivational Speakers Africa.