Steve Muchiri

Sharing is Caring!

A quickly rising star, Steve Muchiri is a young entrepreneur and speaker who is turning faces in Africa. This 25-years-old Psychology degree holder from Daystar University has seen it all. His story not only inspires confidence, but also gives hope in overcoming the toughest of obstacles.

Steve recently published his first book The Victor in Every Victim which is heavily inspired by his own life story. He lost his family in close succession, which many people in Africa would quickly conclude to be a result of witchcraft. His sister succumbed to pneumonia, closely followed by his brother who died of meningitis. As if this was not enough, his mother quickly followed, succumbing to a cardiac arrest that came about as a result of a typhoid and malarial attack. Finally, his father followed soon after, having contracted tuberculosis. ..but despite the heavy trauma this resulted in, Steve Muchiri survived to tell this story.

Having gone through grief counseling, Steve decided that his life would serve as an example to inspire and motivate others never to give up. He is doing quite well at it having spoken at a number of events and platforms including schools, youth groups, churches, and universities.

Being a young man in the prime of his life, Steve loves working with the youth. If you have a youth meeting that needs motivation and inspiration, we would love to bring Steve Muchiri to you. Click here to book him and we will facilitate this for you. You may also order his new book here and we will have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Sharing is Caring!

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