Steve Maiya

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Steve Maiya‘Everybody is a star and deserves to do what stars are mean to do;SHINE.’ This is the message Steve Maiya takes everywhere he speaks.

He is a script writer and an award winning drama director. For over a decade,he has used the secrets of capacity building to coach his teams (churches,high schools and Higher Institutions of Learning) to stage powerful performances.

He draws most of the lessons from the theater to inspire optimism, encouragement and the confidence.

‘Once you know who you are, nothing can stop you from going wherever you want to.Destiny is your portion if you choose the winning way!’ At the end of every session the crowd is all messed up in the the laughter but the intended serious message has registered in everybody’s mind.

Profession: Steve is a Geo-spatial Systems Analyst (GIS) based in Dar-El-Salaam. Publications: Steve is the author of the SHINE SERIES of which ‘What your mama newer told you about STARS’ is the latest addition.

Business:He has been involved in various ventures from the early age of 20,been daring enough to battle it out with the big boys in the market place where he has had to overcome insurmountable hitches to be inspiration he is today. He is a Kenyan aged 31 years.

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Sharing is Caring!

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