Samuel Adeyinka

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Samuel Adeyinka is a native of Osun State. He was born at Lagos, near Ibadan in western Nigeria;

He is a creative writer and a motivational speaker.

“I’m a Leadership motivator. I’m a thespian and an entrepreneur; I’m the Founder and CEO of a fast growing Organization known as ASKWright International Centre, where we change lives and raise world changers. I sometimes use the pen name Samuel Kermis as a monument to my devoted mother, Oluwakemi Adeyinka nee Shitta-bey, who is now late” says Sam.

Sam fell in love with writing some three years ago and started writing articles. Later he moved on to write for his church magazine; best known as ‘SUCCESS HINT’ and ‘DYNAMIC ISSUES’ respectively.

“I’m the author of the book titled ‘You are the Success Factor’. I like being natural and talking to people.  I dislike discrimination and greed. I’m a savvy Nigerian populace, an avid reader and voracious consumer of any book, and in particular, any motivational piece” he adds.

Sam has spoken on ‘The Power of Purpose, relationships and how to Be Your Own Boss. He loves and enjoys teaching youths. But he say that he is also comfortable with an adult audience too.

Samuel Adeyinka is also an actor having been featured in stage plays, radio plays and also having authored a number of plays.

He is simply a young man going places. Would you like to have him speak in your event? Get in touch with Motivational Speakers Africa today.

Sharing is Caring!

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