Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy | Motivational Speakers Africa

Motivational Speakers Africa respects the privacy of information that we receive. This is from registering speakers, clients, potential clients and website subscribers. We protect such information and never sell it or disclose it to third parties unless we have your permission.


For speakers, we may, after notifying you, pass your contact details to a prospective client for purposes of them closing a deal with you. In some other cases, we may disclose such details without prior notification if we deem the situation favorable for all parties if this happens.

An example of such an instance is where a client has had previous communication with you, the speaker, even probably having engaged your services before but they lost your contact. Then they request for our assistance in getting in touch with you. This is one of such instances where we may not necessarily need to notify you prior to giving them your contact details.

With regards to the complete speaker profiles, we may share these with potential clients in order to help them decide on whether you are the best speaker for their kind of event. In most cases, we remove the direct contact details from such a profile to protect both our interests in the business deal and your privacy.


We will not share your identity, contact details or company information with any party, be it a speaker or another client until and unless we have successfully negotiated a deal between you and that second party. In our negotiations with speakers on your behalf, we do not tell them who you are; neither do we share your direct contacts with them. Such details are only shared as we close the deal to allow the speaker to be able to travel to where you are holding your event.

However, we may hint to the speaker on the location of the client (by country and city/town) for cost estimates. We may also share with them the nature of the event, e.g. leadership training, motivational speaking, etc. for purposes of preparations. But that is as far as it goes.


Finally, all the names, emails and contacts that we collect via our website, either through updates subscription forms, or the contact forms, or any other lead capture form on our website will be protected and not shared with third parties in any way.

We may send you updates, promotions and offers from our organization, whether what we are promoting is our own product or a product we are affiliated to. However, we will not sell these contacts to other third parties for any reason whatsoever.

Here is the bottom line; your private details are safe with us here at Motivational Speakers Africa.