Obinna Okonkwo

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Obinna Okonkwo is a young Nigerian male who is in his 20s. He’s a 200 level student of law at the University of Benin, Benin city, Nigeria. He hails from Anambra state in the south-eastern part of the Nigeria and from a middle-class family.

He was raised in the not-too-difficult of circumstances yet not too comfortable either. Never got everything one wanted owing to financial constraints of the family. He enjoys motivating young lives of his age, below his age, or slightly above that “for now” as he puts it.

“Because of Nigeria’s predicament, I’ve come to develop a strong obsession with the “psychology of leadership”. I speak and research on this. But owing to the fact that I love inspiring and impacting lives with my words, as that gives me fulfillment, I also speak generally on human motivation, that is, rendering words of exhortation to young minds, firing them up for actions even at an early age and general urge to gain success and greatness.” he says.

Together with other young speakers, Obinna Okonkwo owns a registered organization- “The Feynolds Associates” and we had our latest programme with the youth wing of Nigeria’s National Assembly(the legislature).

He says he’s yet to taste high profile speaking engagements. He speaks to secondary school students and those at the early stages of their tertiary education, but he’s also working to grow his skills by embracing every possible opportunity to speak anywhere, paid or not.

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Sharing is Caring!

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