Njabulo Moyo

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Njabulo Moyo is a young Zimbabwean motivational speaker aged 25. He was raised in the dusty and chaotic streets of Mzilikazi, right in the midst of the Okapi lifestyle by my single maternal grandmother. It was here that he emerged as a young man with a different vision. A vision to inspire and to help people see opportunities in challenges.

Today he shares this vision with the world. Having come from a fairly middle class background, his life history is filled with emotional scars, marks and tracks of gloominess and challenges, ranging from that of being orphaned at a tender age of five, which resulted in him struggling to get finances for his studies and the general up keep in the extended family.

However, he did not allow his background to hinder his vision. He always wanted to have an impact on the lives of other people and having influence on those who do not yet know him. Up to date, this is what he has been doing: perfecting the art of motivating others for greatness, planting the seeds of success, and living his life as a testimony that it is only through trying and acting that people can bring results.

“The story of Jesus is said to have started in a manger; mine started in the ghetto. Having learnt at “class B “ or ghetto schools I managed to pave my way in the leadership of the institutions as I assumed the role of a prefect at Primary school and that of a Deputy Head boy, Chief Librarian, and the Vice president of the Interact Club. It is from these leadership positions that I mastered the art of communication. Later on I converted it to team building and motivation.” says Njabulo.

His type of motivation is largely leadership and Inspiration. He has presented in High schools, public places such as the American Corner platforms, in churches and in civic education platforms that target young people. Some of his work is usually on the social networks though inspirational quotations and motivational poetry which he intends to publish and also package as audio mediums.

As a young author/speaker, Njabulo Moyo is affectionately known amongst his peers as ‘The Inspirational Motivator’, and his speaking acumen and inspirational talks have led him to have an impact in various radio and public platforms, including international platforms like in Sweden, Denmark and Lebanon.

Njabulo Moyo  has a motivational poetry anthology called AFRICAN SKETCHES. The second edition was published by LionheART Publishing in the United Kingdom. The book is unique and attempts to break virgin ground using a fresh approach to poetry. It is in this context that the book has been viewed as a pace setter, as well as a direct encouragement to other young people in Zimbabwe.

He is highly motivated by the influential motivators like, Milton Kamwendo and Kenn Annandale. It is in this regard that he has shown deep passion in motivating young people to be creative and influential in their communities. As a result he has been involved in motivational talks in schools like, Mzilikazi High, St Gabriel’s and Metro College.

His belief in motivation has seen him conduct a book talk series, popularly dubbed: “From Moaners and Groaners to Movers and Shakers”. The book talk was conducted in partnership with the American Corner.

“As a young person I enjoy and love presenting to the youths aged between 15-30 as this is where I derive my source of inspiration. I relate to the tragedies of being a young person in an unequal world. Lastly I believe that motivation is spiritual, leadership is viral and as such there is a need for continuous mentoring amongst people of different magnitudes.” Says Njabulo.

Such a powerful young man. If you would like to have Njabulo Moyo speak in your event, get in touch with Motivational Speakers Africa today.

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