Mutsa Samuel Kajese

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“I began my public speaking career at the age of 20 while in the United States, where I started a Diversity Dialogue company, while pursuing a degree in pre-medicine biology.” Mutsa Samuel starts.

“I married my passion for people with my skill of public speaking/poetry and hosted presentations to high schools and conferences like the Annual Big Twelve (Black Leadership) Conferences; on issues of diversity. I then furthered my education at the University of Cape Town (UCT) where I did a post-graduate in Enterprise Management and Entrepreneurial Strategy.”

After graduating, I worked in Johannesburg for over 2 years as a Management Consultant and Business Analyst at the IQ Business Group. At the same time I continued my passion of motivational speaking, changing my topic to leadership development.”

Mutsa spoke to University of Johannesburg students, Black Management Forum members, and was hosted on Talk Radio 702 by Redi Dereko.

Now based in Zimbabwe, he speaks to corporate, the diplomatic community and schools on the importance of self-discovery and the need for holistic development.

He also writes an article entitled “Africa Arise” in the bi-monthly magazine, The Ambassador. Being a poet too, he blends artistic expression with entertainment (activities, videos and music) and public speaking to create Interactive Motivational Seminars; with the intent to encourage people to live life to their fullest potential.

With his corporate clients, he motivates companies to become “Optimum Holistic Individuals” and in doing so, encourage people to make use of their energy levels, better themselves in ALL areas of their lives, while embracing their God-given individuality.

These seminars are great for brand days, induction days or any corporate functions.

With his school clients, he caters for all ages 14 and up and host seminars that deal with the pressures associated with teens: i.e. depression, suicide, self-esteem and forming a positive identity.

“I encourage teens to deal with issues in a positive manner; namely by using the A.C.R.R. Process where I inform them to Acknowledge, Confront, Remove and Replace the things in their lives that are hindering them from living life to their fullest potential.”

It is his desire to be a part of the exciting future Africa will create, by motivating Africans to transform their thinking and thus transform their lives. It is his firm belief that only with a shift in the mind-set can Africa change its future for the better.

This is why he has joined us here at Motivational Speakers Africa :)

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