Mbugua Mumbi – A Leading Motivational Speaker In Africa

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Mbugua Mumbi is a recipient of 2011 GOLD Initiative Leadership Award, a national award sponsored by Ford Foundation, for his impressive record of inspirational leadership.

He is a most sought-after Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. His bestselling books, Excuse Me! Your Dream is Calling You; Designed a Champion; Becoming an ‘A’ Student in Life and Vitamins for Success have helped tens of thousands of people transform their lives. Mbugua’s talks, trainings and team events have been the catalysts for numerous organizations’ success stories.

Mbugua Mumbi’s high octane delivery blends power with purpose, inspiration with passion and charisma with simplicity. He is as captivating as he is entertaining and engages participants in a way that transforms their lives.

Over the last two years he has spoken in over 200 secondary schools addressing school boards, teachers, students and parents. His talks focus on inspiring the individuals and then challenging them to be accountable for own success by embracing personal excellence as a life style. These talks have had the incredible effect of moving employees from mere job compliance to commitment.

The story of Mbugua Mumbi is one of triumph over adversities. Born in a family of 11 children and starting as a street boy in a Kenyan town, the power of dreams saw Mbugua steadily rise to a senior banker through diligence, commitment, integrity and personal discipline. He worked in the bank for 12 years.

Inspired by a new level of self awareness Mbugua Mumbi resigned from employment in April 2008 to start Success Signature, a corporate and personal development company that helps to inspire excellence in life.

He says this is what inspires him most in his new fulfilling life:


“That when the years turn my vision dim and gray, I shall still be seeing beauty in the tired wrinkles of my face and I shall take pride and comfort out of the fact and knowledge that when God granted me the opportunity I gave myself selflessly in empowering other people to discover themselves, realize their full potential and exploit the unlimited opportunities on the road to better and more fulfilling lives.”


Mbugua Mumbi has undergone extensive training in people and business management both locally and internationally. He holds an MBA in Strategic Business Management (Leicester, UK). He has conducted several capacity building programs in areas of Inspired Leadership, Inspired Customer Service, Team Building Events, Performance management and the BSC and Motivation among others. These have transformed people’s lives and delivered measurable results.

His wealth of knowledge, passion and selfless delivery has made Mbugua Mumbi a media personality who has featured on both national TVs and radio stations to provide leadership wisdom and motivational perspectives. He also writes for a number of print media.

Mbugua Mumbi is also the founder of The Success Institute (TSI), Dream Africa Foundation and Fanaka Children’s Home.

To learn more, please visit:

www.MbuguaMumbi.com and www.SuccessSignature.net


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