4 Major Marketing Tips For Public Speakers

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A good public speaker should be a great marketer if they are to be successful. You should know how to get more new clients, as well as how to get more bookings. While at it, these successful speakers always find ways of making their reputation more credible and authoritative, both on the stage and off the stage. The question is, how can you accomplish all this to become the said successful speaker? Here are some marketing tips for public speakers to help you along the way.

Marketing Tips for Public Speakers

1. Testimonials – Awesome Free Endorsements

Gathering testimonials from people, especially after you have delivered a brilliant and successful speech, is a great way of boosting your reputation. Have members of your audience endorse your services. Then use these endorsements as a way of promoting yourself. If your audience has some famous or prominent people, make sure they make the list of endorsements.

It’s quite easy to gather such testimonial; all you need to do is write up a questionnaire that will help you collect the audience’s feedback after your speaking engagement. In this questionnaire, have leading questions that will generate positive reviews. Questions like; ‘What is it that you liked about the speaker?’, ‘What part of the speech inspired you most?’ and so on can generate these positive reviews that you can use as testimonials.

As much as possible, try to get reviews and testimonials from people in your line of speaking who are considered authoritative and influential in this field. You can even interview them directly and use the positive quotes in this interview as your testimonial to help promote your speaking services.

2. Network – Always Expand Your Database

Did you know that every situation you are in is a marketing opportunity? It is always advisable to try and keep expanding your client database, especially that of prospective buyers. There may come a time where you exhaust business with your current active clients. With a back up prospects list, you will be able to generate new business with new clients. Remember, the best time to network is immediately after an awesome speech.

Here is what you should do; after your great speech, have a form move around that collects the names of the audience present and the companies they work in. With this list, you will, in future, have new avenue to pitch your services to, thus more work for you. This list will also give you new ideas of some speaking avenues you may have never considered.

3. When still new or in a rut, speak for free to get into the radar

For the new speaker on the block, you need to understand the need for free speaking services. During such free events where you are not getting paid, you will get a chance to showcase your prowess in speaking, your authority in your area of speech, and also get to remind the world that you exist.

You need to cultivate exposure. People have to know you as an informative speaker. Therefore, you need to consider speaking for free. Again, if you are a seasoned speaker but things seem to be going downwards on you, this is also the same step you need to take. Speak for free to get back in to the game. It is a very much deserved boost for your career.

4. Create Products and Have a Website

Finally, and most importantly, you need to create your own products and also have your own website. Products like books, e-books, audios and videos create an extra source of income for the speaker. They also help the speaker to market themselves out there as an authority in a particular field of interest. This is because they carry your name out there in to the field to areas where you may have never set foot at.

A website, on the other hand, creates your online presence. In the modern world, the internet has become the main frontier of business and marketing. Without a website, or at least some good online presence, you are one doomed speaker. In your website, you can also sell your products. It helps you reach out to a worldwide audience. To top it all, a website and your created online presence automates your sales and marketing process such that you are in business 24/7.

Following these simple marketing tips for public speakers will greatly change the way you run your business, increasing it by reaps and bounds, and guaranteeing you business throughout the year.

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