Dr Kinyanjui Ng’ang’a – Director, Shape Afrika, Founder – Sense101

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kinyanjui-ngangaKinyanjui Nganga, a PHD holder in Projects Planning and Management holder from the University of Nairobi, is the Director of Shape Afrika, an Organizational Research, Training and Motivation company. He is a thought provoking speaker in the areas of success, politics, planning and management besides being an author of a number of best seller publications in Africa.

He is also the founder, Sense101, the first and only personal development club in Africa.

Some of Kinyanjui nganga’s titles include The Formation of a County Government in Kenya; The Power of the Spoken Word; Ultimate Success, and No More Prophets, among others. (Click here to order his books)

He is also a lecturer at The Nairobi University, teaching on the subject of Project Planning and Management.

At a very tender age, Kinyanjui has worked to prove that success is what your mind sets it to be. He has scaled the heights in education and finances, living a life that many only envy. This is what allows him to regularly rub shoulders with the high and mighty.

Sense101Motivational Speakers Africa would love to bring Kinyanjui Nganga to your event. You can rest assured that what he will speak to you and your colleagues/team will change the way you approach life, leading to more productivity, self evaluation, and overall success. Click here to Book Kinyanjui as your speaker of choice today.


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