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Stephen KigwaStephen Kigwa is a transformational seminar leader, Inspirational conference speaker, Motivational philosopher and corporate trainer. His exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Parenting, Personal Development, Marriage Relationship, Persuasion Selling, Relationship Building, Performance Improvement, Strategy, Success, amongst others, bring about guaranteed results and transformation.

Stephen Kigwa helps people in life change, career change, thinking change and attitude change. He provides practical tools and motivation guaranteed to help you achieve your greatness. He teaches people how to live, how to assimilate and accumulate far greater treasures than just a pay cheque; the treasures of awareness, understanding, setting goals, reaching into the future, growing, changing and expanding.

For over two decades, Kigwa has studied and researched in the fields of business, personal motivation, philosophy, psychology and success. Kigwa helps professionals, business leaders, executives and managers with inspired education on critical issues affecting every aspect of human experience; emotional, social and spiritual development for successful living.

He has greatly impacted the corporate world and helped countless number of people through his audio programs, books and life changing Weekend Seminars. He is best known for his Speakers’ Academy, Ignition Breakfast Sessions, I Want ME Back forums and Business Leaders’ Summit.

Kigwa is a best-selling author and has written over 10 books including The Maze of Masculinity, I want me Back, The Trick of Life among others. Once you have been to his seminars, you will be equipped with the right ideas and inspiration to live effectively, responsibly, usefully, happily and extend yourself to full capacity.

Books and Materials By Kigwa Stephen

1.       The Trick of Life
This book is a package of timeless principles and distillation of wisdom that will enable you to develop the mindset and superior thinking skills that are consistent with high performance and high achievement. The principles taught in this book will enable you to flip the switch of a spiritually charged life experience that will usher you into economic empowerment and success.

2.       I want Me Back

This book is a practical manual that shows you how to rejuvenate yourself in every arena that touches human life experience. It is about how to convert passion into action: you will learn how to move from camping to conquering, from passivity to purpose and from inertia to motion.  This book is for people like you who have made attempts of beating their own paths in this earthly adventure. It is for people who once thought that they had it all figured out but somehow lost the grip somewhere along the way. It is meant for those who just need a little nudge from behind to make it to the next level. It is for those who need some guidance on what to do regarding their career, personal development, relationships, and financial management at different levels of growth. Simply stated, it is the compact tool you need for igniting yourself to recognition.

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3.       The Maze of Masculinity
In every way, this book is a story of men, by a man, to shape men. This is a book for men and boys that every woman, mother or girl should read to have a glimpse into the world of men and boys from a man’s perspective. Women are invited into our conversation because they need to hear what we have to say about us. Most of what women think that they know about us is false. Most of our women have been taught about men by their fellow women who have lost the men in their lives. The perception of masculinity from a woman who has lost her man is polluted and contaminated.

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4.       Fruitful & Quality Life
In this book, you discover the ingredients that you need to cultivate in your life in order to live a life of power and splendour. You will learn how to divorce your past and experience the joy of a spiritually charged life experience to obtain what lies ahead of you: You will be exposed to the principles from God’s word that will enable you to move from where you are to where you ought to be.
5.       Top Positioning
This book is a combat manual on how to diffuse tension within yourself; it will show you how to avoid sabotaging your own efforts and how you can leverage on your faith and belief to ride over obstacles, challenges and oppositions. It attempts to illustrate how your emotions empower your intellects and how your spirituality can generate power for you forward. It is not possible to read this book and be able to again fit in your present emotional and intellectual state.

6.       How to Home in on your purpose(Also Available on Audio)
This book is a practical guide on how to home in on your purpose in life. It attempts to re-capture the snapshots of your life experiences and bring into proper perspective the glaring facts that may have eluded your attention. It presents you with an opportunity to re-live your life again in full should you wish to do so.

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7.       Academic Excellence
This book is a practical ‘how to do’ guide intended to help the student who wishes to excel in academics. Inside this book are lessons on how any average student with enough aspiration, commitment and discipline can rise to exemplary performance by following very simple success proven procedures and techniques.

8.       Self Confidence Formula(Also Available on Audio)
This book takes you through the ingredients that you need to cultivate in your life to become confident about achieving your dreams.

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