John Museredzo

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John Museredzo was born in Hippo Valley, a sugar producing estate in Zimbabwe. He is a pastor, an author, a motivational speaker and Life Coach. He has a background that saw him work as a casual farm laborer to raise money for university. This inspires him to motivate generations for greater heights and dimensions.

“Motivation started in my life when I joined Drama clubs as early as grade three. I noticed I had a talent in presenting life issues in many ways. This exposure developed my communication skills for future motivational sessions. I started writing and composing my own drama scripts and poems. I would motivate people using these tools. In grade 5 I composed my first poems and in Grade 7 I sent my first work as a writer to a publishing house. Unfortunately it was turned down. This moment was a learning curve and it built more passion to do more of writing. During my secondary level I would make poetic presentations based on real life issues and this would motivate people” he says about himself.

After university studies, John went in to pastor-hood full time where he nurtured his motivational speaking skills even further. As a pastor he has had to challenge people to reach their God-given purposes in life.

He also started writing articles on Business Leadership, Communication, and Spiritual Maturity. This was the start of a fulfilling journey for him. He believes that if people are motivated there is no reason for failure.

John has two books to his name; The Dream in the Wilderness and In Pursuit Of The Calling. “For you to grow into motivation you must be much disciplined in your time and all your behavior systems. Also you can win by focused prayer and positive outlook of life”.

He loves business leadership and personal development motivation. He has done motivational sessions with NGOs, Churches organizations, schools, colleges and Universities. His main target group is the youth but he is also comfortable with any other age group.

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