James Waititu – Ceo and Founder Mambo Microsystems

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James is a young entrepreneur who has broken boundaries set by the conventions of the society. A biotechnology degree holder from Kenyatta University, James Waititu is, amazingly, very good with computers, the internet and technological gadgets, something he has never got in to a class to study.

Currently, he owns East Africa’s leading Web Hosting Company, Mambo Microsystems. He has also made news, being featured in a number of business and technology magazines and newsprints including the Business Daily, Kenya’s leading business feature magazine.

James has inspired many of his friends and business partners to switch to the computer and internet driven business model, which besides being very affordable, is also highly effective, very convenient and easily scalable. Anyone who talks to James on a one-on-one session will tell you that you do not remain the same. He will easily show you why you need to go online, and take advantage of the worldwide audience. (Need a top notch eCommerce website? Click here to order and we will have James make one for you at a discounted price)

If you want to have James Waititu speak in your event, get in touch with us today. We assure you that you will motivate yourself and your team, discovering new opportunities that you did not know ever existed. He is a leading Business, Technology and Innovation speaker in Africa. Contact us now to book James.

Sharing is Caring!

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