Irene Mureithi – A Leading Motivational Speaker in Africa

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A familiar face and voice in the Kenyan Media, Irene Mureithi is a celebrated motivational speaker who regularly features in some of the top TV and radio stations programs. She is also an outstanding corporate trainer owing to her many years of experience in human resource management in the banking industry where she worked before turning to fulfilling her passion in human potential development.

Irene Mureithi is also an accomplished author, having a number of titles to her name. These include Celebrate the Hard Times, Born to Win Teens, and Royal & Rich Reflections. (Click here to order any of her books today). We will have the book delivered as close to you as possible)

She is also the founder and president of one of Kenya’s leading personal development organizations, Royal & Rich Personal Development Institute.

You cannot refer to the development of the motivational speaking industry in Kenya without mentioning Ms Mureithi. She is a force to reckon with in terms of human potential development, as well as life coaching.

Irene has been a major influence in my own personal life. When I subscribed to her Born to Win Club email newsletter in 2009, I honestly did not expect much. But within a very short period of time, I realized that her regular emails had literary changed my way of thinking..and acting. Following this, I found myself resigning from teaching to pursue my God given passions while applying my abilities. Look at where I am today, just 4 years later. Thank you Irene for the inspiration and the eye opening training. – John Chau, Founder – Motivational Speakers Africa and Owner

Motivational Speakers Africa would love to help bring Irene to your event. Besides the obvious motivation that you and your team will receive from her, it will be impossible to live, behave and work the same way you used to after she talks to you. We vouch for her. Click here to inquire about Irene Mureithi’s availability for your event for your motivational speaking event.

Sharing is Caring!

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