How To Get a Sponsor for Your Event

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Event Sponsors – Are They Really Hard to Come By?

Normally, the largest part of a conference budget goes to the keynote speaker. It therefore, becomes a big relief if you can get a sponsor for your event.

In order to entice sponsors, most conferences offer some very unique benefits. All these benefits are aimed and bringing out the perception of the event being an investment. You have to show the prospective sponsor how they are going to benefit business-wise if they sponsor your event. The sponsor needs to see how they will be able to get their name out there in front of your audience with a lasting impression that can be remembered.

So, how can this be achieved? Below are some awesome ideas:

How To Get a Sponsor for Your Event

Sell the Speaker’s Program

To start with, you need to sell the sponsor on the motivational speaker and their program. Let the sponsor see how the speaker’s message is going to influence the audiences’ perception towards their products and how the sponsor’s dollars is going to facilitate this and make it possible.

Have a Good Intro

You also need to ensure that you have the sponsorship mentioned in the keynote speaker’s introduction, in the speaker’s handouts, as well as in your website.

Make the speaker of the day deliver a special thank you message to the sponsor of the event. This message should match the audience present; it should be humorous, light, and enticing such that the audience notices and gets interested in the sponsor and what they do.

While at it, make sure that the sponsorship signs are memorable. Add some angle and memorable tidbits on to them so that they can be easily remembered by the audience.

Promotional Items

Once the main speech has been made, give your audience some promotional materials from the sponsor. This can be done as the audience leaves the event room.

You can also take this a notch higher by having the sponsor deliver a unique signature cocktail which they have created. This should be handed out after the keynote speech. You can also have some well packaged gifts that have the sponsor’s logo given out to the audience just before they leave.

Have the event sponsor to mention your keynote speaker on their facebook and twitter pages, as well as in their blogs. Then let the event delegates know about this.

Also have the keynote speaker blog about this conference and the sponsors in their blog. They should also mention this on their twitter and Facebook pages.

Use Articles

In order to capture the sponsor’s interest completely, have your keynote speaker write an article about their topic of the event for use by the sponsor. You can also offer to have the sponsor introducing the keynote speaker.

Make sure that all the promotional pictures, brochures, emails, banners and signs have a sponsored by announcement, including twitter and facebook posts. Convince the keynote speaker to also post a ‘thank you’ comment on the sponsor’s blog, as well as their twitter and facebook pages.


Set up a booth next to the sponsor’s booth at the event venue for the speaker to sell books and draw traffic. Also add the sponsor’s promotional materials to conference bags. Make sure that you organize the seating arrangement in a way such that the main event speaker sits on the same table with the event sponsor during lunch or dinner.

In all the tents, speaker handouts, and table dressings, make sure that you mention “sponsored by”. This should be accompanied by the sponsor’s company logo.


After the event, ensure that your keynote speaker takes photos with the sponsors. Use these pictures in your thank you cards, your blog, and your website.

With some creativity and humor, getting sponsorship for a motivational keynote speaker is an opportunity that many organizations will want.

Work with your motivational speaker to maximize the sponsors return on investment. Have the keynote speaker call the sponsor in advance of her talk to discuss the organization, what makes them unique and how they want the audience to perceive them.

A good motivational speaker will be able to incorporate this into a motivational talk to leverage the conference sponsorship investment.

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