Elizabeth Horlemann

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Elizabeth is a female Kenyan-German Motivational Speaker, Communicator and Leadership Speaker with a Business Administration background. She has lived a resilient life even in the face of challenges. Her never ending drive for excellence and commitment to lifelong learning has empowered her to rise in triumph over devastating family life and the limited thinking of people who told her that she would never succeed.

Despite these odds, she knows what it means to achieve success and have elevated herself from being a child born with walking disability to a successful trainer for capacity management trainings, which has always been her dream – helping people.

“I want to claim that I am one of the first few disabled African women who dared in the ‘90s to venture into migrating as a single parent out of Kenya to Germany without any previous knowledge of the Germans and their cultures. I know that in Germany, in a small town called Krefeld, I was the first African disabled that registered as a foreigner. I learnt at an early age to cope with disappointments and challenges which I always used as an opportunity for my success.”  says Elizabeth about herself.

She uses her own example as a successful person living with disability as a tool in motivating people to overcome what they consider the impossible. She also considers Krefeld and Nairobi as home as she has worked equally long in both countries.

“Here in Germany I founded the first, and currently, the only African based NGO promoting health awareness programs in the African communities based in North Rhein Westphalia.” The organization was also, through her initiative, the first African organization to be licensed to offer the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees integration classes according to those newly passed migration laws in Germany in 2005.

As speaker and advisor, she has worked with various German government agencies and non profitable organization in promoting migrant projects.

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Sharing is Caring!

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