After dinner and comedy speakers

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Any dinner event without some good, uplifting, entertaining and motivating acts may end up being a dull and a boring one. Having good after dinner and comedy speakers makes the evening fun, humorous and a dinner to remember.

You can have speakers for motivational talks, sports functions, and international events. These speakers and comedians keep the evening lively and make it worthwhile. The result is a more relaxed audience that yearns to get back to productivity, having being motivated to this end.

Motivational Speakers Africa searches for and lists a number of awesome after dinner speakers and comedians, some of whom are household names in Africa. These are people who understand the need for joy, fun and happiness in a group of hard working people. They deliver quality fun and anecdotes that match with your type of audience. You will enjoy your evening if you simply get in touch with us to make a booking.

Choosing the right After Dinner and Comedy Speakers

When it comes to identifying the best after dinner speaker or a comedy speaker for your corporate or organization’s dinner party or gathering, it is important carefully consider him/her so that you do not end up with a person who bores your audience, or one who speaks in a language that does not match your line of business.

Below is a brief checklist of some of the things you should look out for when choosing such a speaker:

1. Understanding Your Business

The speaker you choose for your dinner party should be well conversant with what you do in your organization. This not only helps him to understand the audiences’ needs but it also helps to keep him/her relevant as he speaks. He/she will be able to use illustrations and examples that the audience can relate to.

2. A Time Keeper

Some speakers just never know how to keep time. A dinner party, on the other hand, is supposed to be an event where people enjoy a meal together. Therefore, the speaker you go for should understand that his speech should be short and precise. Hungry people can only listen to too much. Again, if the speech comes after the meal, people will be full, and the most natural reaction is getting sleepy, especially if the speaker keeps on going for hours unending. To top it all, the speaker should be punctual to arrive at the event so that he/she does to keep the audience waiting.

3. Engaging

The speaker you go for in an evening event should be sharp, funny, interesting and engaging. An evening, especially after a good meal, can quickly turn boring, with people getting sleepy or impatient to leave. The speaker should be interesting enough to counter these emotions and feelings.

4. Motivational

Finally, the speaker should be able to bring out a yearning for purpose in the audience, making the audience more aware of their thoughts on life, and how they can become better in their personal, financial and social lives. After all, this is the core business of hiring an after dinner and comedy speaker.

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