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Cobus VisserCobus Visser – A South Africa FireWalker, Speaker and Coach

Cobus was born in South Africa 1982 to a middle class family dad was a policeman. He was diagnosed at a young age with Hemophilia (blood does not clot). At school he was teased a lot and was not allowed to do much because of his predicament. This is his true story; It is about how he turned, in a single day, from depression, stress, anger, pills, addictions, to freedom, relaxation, energy, vibrancy, a purpose and excellence.

Now, five years later, he is living his dream and bringing hope to thousands of people.

“My journey to a new life started at the end of 2011. I’ve had hemophilia (an genetic condition in which the blood has difficulty in clotting) since birth and as the years went by, my condition got to a point where I was in a really bad emotional state. I went from depression, to stress, to drinking a handful of pain pills each day. I was taking up to 10 pain and other pills each day. It was as if suddenly I couldn’t cope with pain.” Says Cobus Visser.

“And, as if that wasn’t enough, I needed to get elbow replacements (I had had an arm brace for six months and me doctor said I couldn’t pick up anything heavier than 2kg), and both ankles needed to get fused. For me that have a son this was devastating not being able to pick him up. That wasn’t even the end of my medical Challenges: I was also on hepatitis C treatment that made me sick (some of the symptoms are like chemotherapy). As a hemophilia I used some 20-40, each of 1 000 units of a blood clotting factor each month.”

Without such treatments a simple cut or bruise could be extremely painful and even life threatening.
With all this hanging over me, I came to a defining moment at a seminar, and I told myself something has to change. I thought: ‘I’m dying!’ This is where I discovered how powerful we as human beings truly are and how uniquely we are made. It was then that I had my first experience fire-walking…

Updated Profile:

Cobus is now a Certified Master Firewalking instructor, Certified Master NLP Life Coach Trainer, BBA in marketing.

He’s an author, speaker, international trainer, life coach, and Master Firewalk Instructor dedicated to helping individuals, business leaders and people with disabilities. Cobus Visser has more than 5 years of experience helping people turn their lives around.

Following years of “real life” experience, Cobus founded Supermanlife Coaching in 2012. His perseverance to survive Hemophilia and pain everyday and a lifetime of personal challenges have given him the skills and energy to help thousands of people change their lives for the better. Went from Future in wheelchair to walking again and surviving pain everyday.

This AFRICA’S NR1 FIRE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER went from being in debt of $1 million to be debt free.

Four years on, Cobus has personally firewalked over 950 times, and assisted over 9500 persons to walk on Fire in the USA, Spain, Uganda, Kenya, Lesotho and South Africa and has taught almost 100 firewalking instructors how to firewalk using the safe, safer, safest methods taught by the firewalking institute of research and education in all of these countries and has qualified as Master Firewalking Instructor in October 2014 making him one of nine worldwide active Master Firewalking instructors and the very first and only Master Instructor in Africa.

He has brought the Training of the FIRE Institute to the continent of Africa with the dream to transform the lives of the people and to give them Hope in this beautiful continent of Africa.

He is a sought after keynote and Africa’s Nr1 Firewalk speaker who brings depth, insights, and energy into his presentations. Some of his Keynotes – “Power of FIRE”, “Be Your Own Hero”, Pain to Pleasure” and “Supermanlife, a Heroes Journey”.

Cobus work and methodology is all about the Heroes Journey and to live a SupermanLife – Unleashing the Hero within us all.

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