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Thabani P Mlilo

thabani-pThabani P Mlilo, or The Innovative Author as he likes to call himself, is an upcoming Motivational Speaker and Career Guidance expert in Zimbabwe.

“Motivational speaking and career guidance training are the expert fields which are my strong holds. I have managed to speak at a small scale level in local community and schools.” says Thabani, who aspires to see a new dawn in life for people to live a happy and simple life.

The hope is to see a better world for everyone content with where we are while thriving to be better.

He likes to think different and be the difference, which arouses a need in an individual to use their unique abilities to change themselves as well as their surroundings.

“The close of 2016 will mark the release of my book “Two fifty-cent bond coins and a dream” which will be accompanied by an audio book.”  He also says he would like to embark on African Tour to inspire young people to shift the narrative and write a new one that sets us up at the forefront of events shaping the global village.

The Innovative Author is here to tell a compelling story that proves the rich resource that Africa has. In line with that, he hopes is to establish several centres that will help young people in Africa believe in their dreams. Africa has a unique story to share with the rest of the world and here is the evidence through the talks and narratives presented. Think different and be the difference by shifting the narrative.

You can learn more about Thabani P Mlilo on his blog here.

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Wanisayi C Chigwendere

 Wanisayi C Chigwendere is a London born Zimbabwean woman and a soldier in the army of the Most High God. For the past thirteen years she has been on a journey and have finally arrived at a place where she can define herself and assist others to define themselves. Wanisayi C Chigwendere is a woman […] Continue reading →

John Museredzo

 John Museredzo was born in Hippo Valley, a sugar producing estate in Zimbabwe. He is a pastor, an author, a motivational speaker and Life Coach. He has a background that saw him work as a casual farm laborer to raise money for university. This inspires him to motivate generations for greater heights and dimensions. “Motivation […] Continue reading →

Mutsa Samuel Kajese

 “I began my public speaking career at the age of 20 while in the United States, where I started a Diversity Dialogue company, while pursuing a degree in pre-medicine biology.” Mutsa Samuel starts. “I married my passion for people with my skill of public speaking/poetry and hosted presentations to high schools and conferences like the […] Continue reading →

Rodwell T. Harianangoni

 Rodwell is a 37 year old Zimbabwean male. He is married with three children, two daughters and a son. He is a school teacher who teaches science subjects, specializing in Physics. He’s also a university graduate with a Bsc. (Honours) Applied Physics Degree from the University of Science and Technology (N.U.S.T) in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Rodwell […] Continue reading →

Njabulo Moyo

 Njabulo Moyo is a young Zimbabwean motivational speaker aged 25. He was raised in the dusty and chaotic streets of Mzilikazi, right in the midst of the Okapi lifestyle by my single maternal grandmother. It was here that he emerged as a young man with a different vision. A vision to inspire and to help […] Continue reading →

Jonah Nyoni

Jonah Nyoni Jonah Nyoni is an author, thought leader, keynote speaker and consultant. He speaks to companies about insights on employee engagement, leadership, and workforce trends. He has five years of experience as a trainer/ speaker and has been employed as a director of radio programs/ producer for seven years. Jonah is the author of Inspiration for […] Continue reading →