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Chinedum Azuh

Chinedum AzuhWith his dynamic technique and masterful authority of his work, time and again he receives high accolades from his audiences as one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers of our time. He is a certified speaking professional and has traveled to several countries with his empowerment crusade. He has been an expert in teaching success principles and wealth creation for 12 years.

Chinedum Azuh is the bestselling author of several books including There is Money in Your House, Success At Your Command, Unlimited Success, Multiple Streams of Income for Preachers, Relationship Guide for Singles, How to Stir a Man to Marry You, The Ghostwriting Millionaire, Facebook Marketing for Authors and many more.

His endearing and charismatic style captures audiences’ hearts as well as their attention in person, on television or radio and in print. Chinedum runs a weekly Radio program entitled “Motivation to Prosper with Chinedum Azuh”. He is a syndicated columnist with over 450 published articles.

Through his library of audios, videos, and articles in the areas of success, and wealth creation, Chinedum continues to create a profound influence.

He is a Preacher that is graced with unusual teaching anointing that has blessed several thousands of people globally.

Chinedum Azuh is a charismatic speaker who draws from his astounding success to empower audiences to become better entrepreneurs, employees and better people of the society they belong to.
Many organizations want inspiration. Their people want to be the best. Chinedum Azuh has a message that can inspire any audience. He has come from the bottom and risen to the top. He is an internationally recognized speaker and Christian leader with over 10 years experience in motivating people to their fullest potential. His products and seminars have helped others raise their bar and achieve record-breaking results.


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Samuel Adeyinka

 Samuel Adeyinka is a native of Osun State. He was born at Lagos, near Ibadan in western Nigeria; He is a creative writer and a motivational speaker. “I’m a Leadership motivator. I’m a thespian and an entrepreneur; I’m the Founder and CEO of a fast growing Organization known as ASKWright International Centre, where we change […] Continue reading →

Sule Emmanuel

 Sule is a Nigerian Business Speaker who resides in South Africa. He is driven by a passion to raise people of wealth, character and relevance. About 9 years ago, he started Know-Edge Business and Leadership Academy; a center inspired to raise young entrepreneurs determined to positively change the face of Nigeria. This academy has acheived […] Continue reading →

Godwin Okhawere JESUSParroT

 Godwin Okhawere, fondly called JESUSParroT (JP) by his teeming fans was born in Shomolu, Nigeria. He is a Comedian, Publicist and an event organizer. He exudes many gifts; a writer, poet, dramatist, compere, presenter, commentator, cartoonist and Christian. He appeares to have mastered his arts and is able to reflect his many gifts in his […] Continue reading →

Obinna Okonkwo

 Obinna Okonkwo is a young Nigerian male who is in his 20s. He’s a 200 level student of law at the University of Benin, Benin city, Nigeria. He hails from Anambra state in the south-eastern part of the Nigeria and from a middle-class family. He was raised in the not-too-difficult of circumstances yet not too […] Continue reading →

Udeme Jacob

 Udeme Jacob was born some thirty years ago in Lagos to Mr and Mrs J Samuel, natives of Akwa Ibom State South South of Nigeria. He is a  motivational speaker and a talented creative writer.  He’s also an educationist and an entrepreneur, being a volunteer of different organizations. His interest is to work where he […] Continue reading →

Halimah Abdul

 Halimah Abdul is a Nigerian citizen, a computer science student currently in 300 level. Her life purpose is to be of positive impact to people and be more giving to others. This is what inspired her to become a motivational speaker. She is also writing books that she believe will motivate and inspire people. “I […] Continue reading →