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Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Siphokazi “CphoK” Lunika

Siphokazi LunikaSiphokazi Lunika, or “CphoK”  as commonly referred to, is a vibrant young woman with a colourful personality. Originally from Port St Johns, in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. She is the Founder of Lunika Empowerment Company, a company that deals with various social and women related issues, specializing in events which inspire change in people’s lives. CphoK is passionate about motivation, inspiration and issues around women.

She is also part of Inspiring Women Network, a network devoted to inspire, motivate and support women to live better lives. She aspires to be a well-recognised multi-talented person with the desire to impact people’s lives in a way that would enrich their quality of life.

She is actively involved in the Media & Entertainment industry and doing her bests as a Motivational Speaker and MC.


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Fred Bohasu

Fred Bohasu Fred Bohasu is one of South Africa’s foremost authorities on leadership, motivation and teamwork. He earned his credentials the best way he could which is leading. In his high energy dynamic programs, Fred shares the wisdom from the University of Life and over 11 years working with schools, corporate & organizations. Fred leads your team […] Continue reading →

Cobus Visser

Cobus Visser Cobus Visser – A South Africa FireWalker, Speaker and Coach Cobus was born in South Africa 1982 to a middle class family dad was a policeman. He was diagnosed at a young age with Hemophilia (blood does not clot). At school he was teased a lot and was not allowed to do much because of […] Continue reading →

Musiwalo Efence Munyembani

Musiwalo Efence Munyembani Musiwalo Efence Munyembani was born in a small village called Ha Makhitha, Ha Kutama in Limpopo. He did his grade 1 to 7at Madaheni Primary School which was lateq made a combined where he continued secondary at the same school while it was by then a combined school. He was raised by a single mom […] Continue reading →