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Caroline GikonyoCaroline Gikonyo is a 36 years old, Kenyan female citizen. She is the Chief Encouragement Officer at her consultancy firm Holistic Lifestyle. Caroline is a consultant, an engaging corporate speaker and trainer who uses wildlife as well as nature stories, facts, and illustrations to inspire and challenge individuals, schools, institutions and companies to think, talk and act wholesomely, so as to build significance instead of chasing success.

Her vision is to influence the world to have a paradigm shift from chasing success to building significance. Her company offers Inspirational talks and training in self-awareness, self-motivation, self-esteem, social intelligence and moral intelligence.

Caroline Gikonyo is also a life member of Sense 101 life club where she is mentored and coached on life skills by Dr. Kinyanjui Ng’ang’a, a well renowned life coach, Conference speaker and corporate trainer. She has trained in motivational and public speaking with Pepe Minambo Motivational Speaking Academy. She has also trained with Power Talks International on High Impact Speaking. She is also a Power Talks Transformation agent having undergone the Inspired to inspire program.

Caroline has embraced her identity and purpose in an age of confusion, comparison and competition. She is therefore without rival for nobody can be and do Caroline. She is the angel you don’t know. Caroline is like David fighting Goliath, an underdog who has everything to prove and everything to lose. Caroline is therefore, like the nail that sticks out that often gets hammered so for her every work opportunity must be done with excellence for it is a self-portrait of herself.

“Motivational speaking is my purpose not my career. It is my calling not my job. It is where my heart is. It is my terrain and thus where I thrive. Motivational speaking is my labour of love. With motivational speaking I hope to inspire the world to be wholesome and to have paradigm shift from chasing wealth and material success to building significance.”

To see more of her articles and speeches, kindly visit her Blog here.

Motivational speaking is a ritual for development conscious people. It is the means she uses to inspire and challenge you, your learners and staff to be wholesome individuals who are self-aware, who esteem themselves highly, who have character, as well as who are socially and emotionally intelligent. With motivation speaking in schools she will help you rise and mentor well rounded students who are not only academically smart but who are socially, emotionally and morally intelligent

With corporate speaking engagements she will inspire you and your staff to think, talk and act wholesomely as they view life and work as an opportunity to build a lasting legacy. Your staff will have a paradigm shift from chasing success and material wealth to building significance.

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