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Bonnie Kim is the C.E.O and Founder of Bonnie Kim Ltd – a consultation and Motivational company specializing in empowering people and helping businesses succeed. He is among the handful of Kenya’s ‘Certified Professional Trainer’ under Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM).

He is young, talented, creative and highly sought after International Motivational Speaker, Trainer for Schools, Churches, N.G.O’S & Corporate Training and a bestselling Author of 6 books, “THE GREATEST SECRET” “BORN WITHOUT A CHOICE” “THE POWER OF SELF IMAGE” “WHAT IS TRUE LOVE” “POWER BEHIND EVERY SUCCESS” “THE POWER OF SELF IMAGE FOR SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS” that are available in all Nakumatt branches, leading bookshops, supermarkets and on


Through his unique revolutionary power-packed motivational talks and soft skills training on Customer Service, he impacts change and transformation, helping people to succeed, double their productivity, increase their efficiency and effectiveness as well as achieve and maintain better corporate image and Self Image to enhance profitable business and personal development. He believes the better the self image one has; the better their performance whether one is in Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Advertising, Insurance, Management, Retail or any other industry.

He is motivated, inspired and committed to inspire, motivate, energize and help youths and organizations discover their purpose in life and maximize their potential.


He says, “You are never too young or too old to change your Self Image. It’s not too late or too early to change your future. As from now you can start living a better productive and purposeful life. It’s all in the self image. Change it and your life will change too.”


His diverse and proven expertise has made him a regular contributor to Magazines, Television and Radio on the subject of Motivation, Self Image, Customer Service, Leadership and Personal Development. Most recently, he has been featured on Business Daily, The Standard Newspaper, The Star, Smart Life Magazine, The People, KTN’s Sunrise Show, Asian Weekly, The Shabik Magazine, Go Places Magazine,  UTV, GBS TV, K24 Breakfast Show, Easy FM, Kameme FM, Coro FM and Radio Jambo.


At Businesses, Conferences and Schools, Bonnie Kim is often a keynote speaker on Employee Development, Exceptional Customer Service, Youth Empowerment, Self Discipline, Self Esteem, How to be a Transformational Leader in the 21st Century, How to use Life Skills that Project Courage, Self Belief, Credibility and a Powerful Self Image. He believes when people grow within, they make the organization grow.

His story of being raised by a struggling single mother who divorced his dad when he was 2, and residing with his grandparents the better part of his childhood, yet rising above the odds to be a force to reckon with in his industry is inspiring. He reiterates: Who you are today is not as important as the person you want to become. He writes what lives and lives what he talks about.

Bonnie believes SELF IMAGE is the key to success in all areas of life. Your first impression is the last impression. When you perfect your SELF IMAGE, success follows you. That, success is not just about working smart but also having a smart self image in advance of what you want to achieve and unwavering FAITH in God – assuring you that your dreams will surely come true.

He specializes in empowering people to find their purpose in life, pursue their career with passion, enthusiasm and helping businesses succeed. He adapts the best motivation and personal development strategies to produce extraordinary results effectively and efficiently for his clients. Being sensitive to individual situations, Bonnie adapts the philosophy and theory of validated growth strategies into practical, easy to implement solutions that have both immediate and sustainable positive impact on the bottom line.

His goal always is to see ideas, strategy, dreams and systems translated into realities that makes organization profitable and enhance personal development. His talks are informative, effective, entertaining, transforming, insightful, enjoyable and reliable to enhance both personal development and business growth.

He has seven years work experience with International Non Governmental Organizations (NGO), Churches, Women Groups, Youth Groups and Corporate institutions, School Institutions and SME’S and has done Motivational Speaking in many countries, institutions, Youth Groups, Organizations and Schools.

He also has a background in Customer Care, having worked with among East Africa’s leading retail chains. Currently, he is the Head of Training and first internal trainer in Nakumatt Holdings Limited.

His information is therefore based on practical experience that is applicable. Over the years, Bonnie has developed a passion and curiosity to understand why some business grow faster, why are some people succeed more than others and are more efficient and effective than others. He, therefore, keeps finding out the ‘whys’ and sharing them in books.

Bonnie knows how to capture his audience and he presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a combination of easy, understandable facts, humor, insights and practical concepts that the audience can apply immediately to get better results. Training is not just his profession but his hobby and passion.


Try him today and you will see the difference. His awesome energy in motivating and training delivery must be seen to be believed. It is for this reason that he is considered a distinguished Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

Bonnie Kim Ltd’s Specialties

We differentiate ourselves from others by delivering Customized Motivational Talks and Training Solutions for Schools (Primary, High Schools, Polytechnic, Colleges and Private /Public Universities), Churches, Women Groups (Chamas), Youth Groups and N.G.O’S.

In Corporate industries our passion lies in not only strengthening companies’ corporate image but also in helping develop strong desire for great self image in their employees so as to lead them to excellent Customer Service.

Would you like to have Bonnie Kim speak in your event? Get in touch with us here atMotivational Speakers Africa and we will facilitate this.

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