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Alex MukiibiAlex Mukiibi is a male Ugandan speaker. He holds a Master’s Degree with over 9 years’ experience in Recruitment and Training. He is SHL ( certified to administer and interpret psychometric tests to support key HR functions like Recruitment (his niche), Team Building and Succession Planning.

“I have been professionally trained to interview and I have interviewed over 6,500 people for various positions at all levels in East Africa, from Drivers and front desk staff to Managing Directors and Board Members. Throughout my career in recruitment, I noticed one major problem. Lots of people have acquired good qualifications, training and in many cases, good work experience but fail to express/present themselves accurately at interviews.” says Alex

Many of us lack the skills to job hunt and express ourselves at interviews when the opportunity arises. So five (5) years ago Alex embarked on a deliberate effort to train individuals on CV Writing and Interview Preparation. In the same breath, based on his experience in recruitment as an interviewer and assessor, he started to speak to audiences especially University students and fresh graduates on the subject.

Today, he is training and speaking full time. He trains people (through confidential one-on-one sessions) to understand the purpose of, and how to write a professional CV without exaggerating to impress, and how a good CV relates to the interview process.

He also trains his clients to understand typical interview questions and therefore how to best respond appropriately.

The entire recruitment process is often not objective if prospective employers are not supported in a similar way so Alex also trains and speaks to prospective employers on why and how to prepare for an objective and professional recruitment process, one that will give a positive candidate experience.

“I have spoken on the subject at several University Symposia and social group gatherings like the Rotary Clubs with audiences spanning the age group of 20-55 years of age. In the near future I intend to initiate or join a more deliberate effort to help more people understand their skills and abilities, the job hunting process, how employers think and where they likely to achieve most with minimum effort.

Alex is currently writing a book on the same subject.


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