Albert Nana Sagoe

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Albert Nana is a young speaker and keynote trainer in the areas of motivation, business training, leadership training, peak performance training and missionary engagement. He is thirty years of age and comes from Ghana. He is currently based in the city called Takoradi, in the western regional part of the country, Ghana.

He holds a diploma from Prominence institute of management and professional studies college, as well as an extended certification from the Institute of Commercial Management in UK.

“I have been involved in granting youth leadership training to college youth between 18-25 years in the second, and in the third cycle with age ranging from 22-35+” he says about himself.

His organization runs leadership seminars for business and church leaders. He also presents motivational talks to some educational and financial institutes on regular basis.

Besides running his public speaking talks and training, Albert Nana is also involved in online duties as a virtual marketing manager for his former college Prominence institute of management and professional studies, and a newspaper company with partnership in the USA.

His interests and hobbies include reading the latest technology materials online, watching epic movies and reading business journals. “My speaking skills have awarded me with the best young speaker from my former college and a certification from Babson college as an award for entrepreneurial excellence participation”.

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Sharing is Caring!

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