7 Things to Consider when Choosing The Best motivational Speaker For Your Event

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How well should you know a speaker before engaging their services for your motivational speaking event? That is a question whose answer is highly debatable. However, there are some ground rules that you should follow to ensure that you end up with the perfect speaker for your type of event. Below are some simple guidelines on choosing the best motivational speaker for your event.

Choosing the best motivational speaker for your event

1. Experience

The speaker you go for should have ample experience in the topic you need addressed on or the specific area of motivation you want to organize a speaking event around. The best speakers are those who have a firsthand experience on the kind of troubles and hardships you are going through that need a motivational speech to help you get through them. For instance, a speaker who has a good personal rags-to-riches story is perfect for a personal development or even a personal finance talk.

2. Portfolio

If a speaker has had other previous speaking engagements, then this is a good sign, especially if he has had many. It is a sign that people like and appreciate his presentation style and that is why he/she keeps getting more speaking engagements. You can request to see the choice speaker’s previous speaking engagements portfolio to see the kind of events he/she has presented in. This way, you can gauge if the speaker is your perfect choice.

3. References and Reputation

Together with the portfolio is the reputation that a speaker has in the market. By asking around and reaching out to other organizations that have previously engaged this speaker, you will be able to tell if he/she does a good job or not. This is very important because there are no qualifications required for one to become a motivational speaker. Anybody can wake up one morning and decide that they are from then hence, motivational speakers. So, how well a speaker performs is very important to gauge before you hire their services.

4. An Understanding of Your Business

The best speaker is one who understands the nature of your business. Such a speaker will have relevant illustrations and examples to demonstrate their points, making the speaking event more engaging and easy to understand.

5. Willingness to Follow Up

A good speaker is one who is also willing to make a follow up on the progress of his/her audience. He/she should not just present and then leave you out in the cold. A follow up ensures that your whole team stays on their toes while implementing what they learned, while at the same time staying reminded and constantly motivated to be better and more productive people.

6. Reasonable Charges

Many speakers in business and motivation are quite expensive. However, a caring speaker is able to sit with you in a negotiate forum where you can discuss a reasonable fee that will allow you to organize the initial event plus some follow up lessons if you keep them as your choice speaker. This allows you some breathing space financially in between events.

7. Should preferably have materials for reinforcement

Finally, your speaker of choice is best if they have some materials they can leave with you for reinforcement of the lessons learned. These materials can be in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, among others. Having such materials after a motivational speaking event enables you and your team to keep yourself motivated by recounting the event in your private settings.

The bottom line is that choosing the best motivational speaker for your event requires some due diligence, an open mind, and a good budget. If you are undecided, lost, or confused on the perfect speaker choice, engage the services of a speaker bureau likeMotivational Speakers Africa when booking a speaker. Such a bureau lists many different motivational speakers and can even recommend one who fit perfectly for your event.

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