Musiwalo Efence Munyembani

Musiwalo Efence MunyembaniMusiwalo Efence Munyembani was born in a small village called Ha Makhitha, Ha Kutama in Limpopo. He did his grade 1 to 7at Madaheni Primary School which was lateq made a combined where he continued secondary at the same school while it was by then a combined school. He was raised by a single mom who was working in farms and a grandmother who adopted his mom from childhood, they depended on the grandmother’s pension money and the mother’s salary which in total didn’t add up to more than R500. Growing up was hard for him but he was a vicious man who had goals to achieve, and the first long term goal he had was to pass every class until grade 12 without failing a single grade, this goal was successfully accomplished in 2008.

After passing grade 12 he went to University of Limpopo and studied Bsc. Animal Production. While studying there he received a calling from God and dropped out and went to study Theology at the University of Pretoria the following year. After studying Theology he went to the military basic training and became a soldier where he continued practicing his Theology preaching in the military part time while also working in the local church helping in the ministry. He later registered a program in business management with the University of South Africa commonly known as Unisa. Adding to his studies he also enrolled in public speaking where he registered a course in public speaking at the school of public speaking and leadership influence by Vista College.

Musiwalo started public speaking at the age of 16 in church when he was the chairperson of the Reformed Church Tshitandani, a congregation which had 11 branches by the time where he led the youth for two respective years. Part of his speaking was to motivate the youth and also preaching; this built his confidence in standing on a crowd and overcoming his stage fears. In 2009 he led the 13-17 year old youth and was awarded the leadership certificate by the Iyani Bible and Training Institute which by then was called Iyani Bible School. While still studying Theology he preached in various University, this includes: University of Limpopo both Turfloop and Medunsa campuses, University of Pretoria, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Wits University, University of Johannesburg (UJ), Vaal University to mention the few.

In 2010 he started an organization at the University of Pretoria called University of Pretoria Student Ministry (UPSM) which he was elected the president of the organization until 2012, upon this organisation he was invited to also represent the university’s graduate centre in student motivation and src meetings. He was then later asked by his school to motivate and inspire the grade 12s as the former top achiever at the school. After motivating the Madaheni Combined School grade 12 learners he was then invited by the other local school and since then invitations started firing in thats when he decided to sharpen his public speaking knowledge and studied public speaking at the school of public speaking and leadership influence in Pretoria.

He recently spoke at a local school on the Liremi Career Foundation Awards and the motivation was been aired on Makhado FM, a community radio. Musiwalo talks in any topic relating to Marketing, Social and Spiritual issues. His recently motivations includes, ‘creating realistic achievable goals, The power of faith vs. worldly lust, Branding your business and yourself, Your business in social media and many more.’

Musiwalo believes in creating goals not dreams. One of his favorite quotes is “Dreams are for those who are asleep, goals are for those in the field” He believes the only time a person has a dream is when they are sleeping and people don’t work in their sleep, and goals like in a soccer match are scored/achieved by those who are in the field of play.

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