The woodcutter

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Along time ago, there was a young man. This young man was a very strong woodcutter. Owing to his skills as one of the top woodcutters in his country, he applied to work with a top timber merchant company in the land. The pay was good, the perks awesome, and his skills would be highly appreciated, making this a perfect working scenario; just the right working conditions everyone would dream of. He was hired and his dream became a reality. For this, he was very much determined to do his best and please his boss.

Upon employment, the boss handed him an axe. He was then shown where he was supposed to work.

Day 1: The woodcutter worked very hard and brought in 18 trees. The boss was very happy with him and he congratulated him, advising him to continue with that tread.

Highly motivated by his boss’ words, the young woodcutter even worked harder at the trees the following day. However, he only managed to bring in 15 trees. The third day, he worked extremely hard, but only brought in 10 trees. Each day that passed, he brought in less and less number of trees, yet he worked harder and harder.

“What is happening?” he wondered. “Why do I keep getting less and less trees cut yet I am putting in more strength?” “Am I losing my strength?” All these questions kept bothering him as each day passed. So, being a wise man, he decided to go to his boss, apologize and ask what could be happening. He could not understand it himself.

When he apologized to the boss and told him of his worries, the boss looked at him pitifully and asked, “When was the last time you sharpened your axe?”

Astounded, the woodcutter responded, “Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I was very busy trying to cut trees.”


The Lesson:

Does this story resonate with you? Always take time off to evaluate yourself. Ask for counsel for you cannot have all the answers. The bottom line, take time off to enhance your skills and you will be much more productive. Don’t be too busy for yourself as this is counterproductive.

Sharing is Caring!

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